About The Original Sign Factory

"Not just a business, but a family dedicated to serve you."

What makes us “The Original”?

The Original Sign Factory is family owned and operated and has over 25 years of history in the commercial sign business. Located in Ocoee, Florida, we are driven by our desire for creativity, professionalism, and quality. From a corrugated yard sign to a monument sign, we have the experience and know how to help you create the right sign for your needs.

Designers, Consultants and Crafters.

The Original Sign Factory features classic workmanship utilizing a wide variety of sign making techniques. From traditional hand lettering, routed, and gold leaf signs, to digital color works of art printed as large as you like. We have the technology and the skill to create masterful signs that work harder for your business.

Our Customer Service.

The Original Sign Factory is built on serving the way we would want to be served. We have committed to the Orange County residents since 1990. We invite you to come and experience the absolute best in consultation, customer service, and craftsmanship in the sign-making buisness.

Our Mission Statement.

We will strive, with God’s help, to provide products and services that will promote and enhance the goals of our clients. We will work with integrity and diligence to ensure that our customers receive good value and quality products for their investment in us.

Our Products and Services

"If you can imagine it, we can create it."

A Variety of Signs

Like our name implies, we can make you a sign for just about everything! Scroll through this section to find out what other products and services we provide. Most of these methods easily translate to digital, print, and sign creation. Go ahead and check them out!

Graphic Design

The core of all of our products and services have to start somewhere. We believe that it begins with great design. Something that will help propel your needs even further beyond. Our in house Graphic Designer can help make your vision a reality and even suggest modern alternatives you may not have thought of. Ideas turned into reality!


Our banners are printed with outdoor durable inks and materials which provide long-lasting results for your business and or event needs. Between slick indoor options and long lasting outdoor options – we can get you what you need.

Vehicle Graphics

Most people don’t realize that the vehicle you use everyday in your business can be turned into a powerful advertising machine. Whether it is a partial wrap or a full vehicle wrap – your business will be on display for all to see wherever you go!

Digital Prints

We use advanced digital printing technology here at the factory. Our large format equipment prints at an amazing 720 X 720 dpi using durable solvent inks. But our secret weapon is our colossal flatbed printer that is capable of printing on a variety of surfaces and with ink that can be dried instantly. This thing needs to be seen to be believed. Next time you come in you should ask about it and we can give you a preview of this amazing machine!

Dimensional Letters

Formed plastic, cast metal, cut metal, cut acrylic, or channel letters for lit signs are only a few of the letter choices that are available. Place them on signs, walls, panels and more!

Engraving & Routing

With pin-point precision, our engraving machine can make durable, long-lasting, informational signs for your business or property. Contact us for more information!

Vinyl Decals

With our various color vinyls to choose from, we can craft decals for vehicles, windows, doors, and more. With our plotting equipment and design skills, we can make you just about any vinyl design. They also make perfect gifts for your friends and family.


We offer businesses a full line of promotional products to help spread the word and good will to all your prospects and valued clients. Brochures, business cards, stationary, banner stands, postcards, logo design, yard signs, etc.

Custom Orders & More!

Don’t let us dictate what can be done. If you can imagine it, we can absolutely try our best to create it for you. Not seeing a section for what you need exactly? Scroll down below and give us a call. It is very possible we can make your dream sign or idea!

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"Let us make your idea a reality."

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